How To Create & Install Custom Ringtones On Android Phones

Has it been more than 3 years because Android was initially introduced to the general public? With Android on version 4.0 -- Ice Cream Sandwich -- we are all aware this portable operating system has witnessed a lot of changes, many of which are revolutionary and pushing the bounds of cellular technology.


Nonetheless, it's always great to have a step back and return to the basics every once in a while. Remember ringtones?


I obtained my very first Android telephone a couple of months back and, being a newbieI could not figure out for the life span of me the way to make and set up custom ringtones onto my own Android apparatus.


If you possess an Android cellphone and don't understand how to do so, then keep reading. It is simple, it's fast, and it is going to keep your phone fresh and exciting each time it rings.


Creating Custom Ringtones

To be able to produce your own ringtones in your Android, you will have to set up RingDroid. If you presently have a ringtone that you merely wish to set up, feel free to jump to the following section.

RingDroid will show to you an inventory of each the sound files onto your device. You select one of these files and cut a chunk of it. Cutting on a clip is simple: you simply proceed to the left and right sliders. The entire interface is quite intuitive.


The subsequent clip can then be named and put as a ringtone to get incoming calls, notifications, and alerts.


If you would like to eliminate a ringtone you have made, choose the down arrow at RingDroid and hit on Publish .


Have a lot of sound files in your device? No problem. Utilize the Search attribute to get the one that you're searching for in a flash.


If you would like to capture your voice and use that as a ringtone, RingDroid may do so, too. The Record New attribute makes it as simple as 1-2-3.


Installing Custom Ringtones


Whenever you've got a ringtone you need to use but it's located in your PC, you ought to transfer it in your cell phone so as to utilize it. Luckily, this is actually rather straightforward.


Connect your device into your computer using a USB cable and then mount the inner SD storage so that you may get the information on it.


Navigate in the press directory. Indoors, you might or might not observe an sound directory. If you do not, make one. Then browse to it.


Now create a directory called ringtones. In total, the directory ought to be found in media/audio/ringtones.


Just take the sound file which you need to utilize as your own ringtone and set it in to media/audio/ringtones. Now whenever you're picking out a ringtone to your incoming calls, or alarms, or alerts, you need to see it on your available listing.